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Magnus Källhager

Chief Analytics Officer & Co-Founder at Kreditz (SE)

Magnus stands as one of the co-founders behind Kreditz, a dynamic fintech enterprise operating within the realm of PSD2. As the Head of the Data Science division, he spearheads the development of a cutting-edge categorization engine that adeptly deciphers bank transaction data. Kreditz is dedicated to revolutionizing credit assessment with heightened precision and efficiency, employing credit scoring and affordability computations.

With 20 years in the credit industry, Magnus has broad experience setting up credit processes in consumer and business lending. Starting his career as an analyst and model developer at Enento (UC) he has worked with many of the major banks and financial institutions. He has also been Chief Credit Officer at Skandiabanken, validating the IFRS9 models at Handelsbanken, and worked as a risk manager at some niche banks, among other things.

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