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Anna Asikainen

Executive Director - Team Lead Sustainability and Climate Risk at UBS (CH)

Anna has over a decade of experience in integrating and developing ESG and Sustainability and Climate Risk solutions in consulting, the financial sector and academia. Prior to joining UBS, she was the Commercial Director for Carbon Markets at the Mexican Stock Exchange and co-developed the climate risk practice at South Pole. She joined UBS in 2019 and in her current role she is responsible for: • maintaining and developing UBS’s sustainability and climate risk framework, including risk underwriting decisions on Sustainability and Climate Risk • advising on climate risk, sustainable products, carbon markets and net zero • developing the external and internal reporting and implementation of prudential regulatory requirements on sustainability and climate risk  The Sustainability and Climate Risk team at UBS is responsible for developing and implementing principles and controls to manage sustainability and climate risks across the firm. It also acts as a second line of defence and partners with the business to manage regulatory and associated risks. Anna holds a M.S. in Economics from Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki, Finland and a B.S. in International Business from Helsinki School of Economics.

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